Life is filled with good surprises!

Swedish music multiplied in Brazilian: among others, Bo Kaspers Orkester did a fabulous bossa jazz named "I botten på glaset" in pure Brazilian style. So nice indeed that a while later, our Brazilian Aeroplane band kept it quite as they made it... but in Brazilian Portuguese, it turns to be then "No fundo do copo".

The result magically came as melodies, a unique symmetric multiplication with a mathematical novelty: no numbers but notes, shades!

Suddenly, Finlandia House, the biggest Finnish concert hall in Helsinki became powerfully sunny as in Bahia or New Orleans. That took place on 15th of November 2010, a Finnish winter.

This was the second time ever that Eduardo met Bo Kasper. In between, there was an enormous and careful work, localizing their songs, arranging it as one more encore, a new living entity, from Swedish originals into the Brazilian Portuguese. Music's magic power: "I probably met you before!". The concert hall was sold out. 1700 people came to hear that amazing Swedish band, Eduardo was a guest. The Brazilian Aeroplane band is proud and honoured of its mission with fun: to spread Bo Kaspers Orkester music also abroad Sweden with the love and energy of the Brazilian way. There will be joy also as the originals hits in Swedish are brought to the attention once again: multiplying good things, for as many people as possible.

Anthony Jonhson and Eduardo Domingues de Jesus Toninho & Edu. Toninho is a co-pilot in the Brazilian Aeroplane flights, an Englishman with Brazil in his genes. Toninho is a Renaissance man, later on I will write here the story about cops stopping him playing harp on the top of a tree. Note: he is about 2 meters tall, and he had also a microphone with him while playing it.
Jukka is a Finnish pop musician with endless resources. This is a bit where the music internationalization concept started in a wider approach. The mission of the flight is to make his music known also in Brazil, we also made an album on it, one can find it for instance in the iTunes: "TELEPATIA: J.Karjalainen in Brazil by the Brazilian Aeroplane" Jukka Karjalainen and Eduardo Domingues de Jesus
On the right we have Bo Kasper from Sweden. Our band is commited to send his music to Brazil, to that we needed first to carefully do a very special album: "SIMETRIA: Bo Kasper in Brazil by the Brazilian Aeroplane". Like most of people know, the Jobim/Vinicius "Girl from Ipanema" was something international, so we fly on same clouds for Bo and his band. Thanks to the web, anyone is just one click away from buying an entire album, from any spot in the globe, for a absolutely small price. So cool, fast, easy and affordable that there's no need to pirate it anymore, isn't so? Just enjoy!
Girl from what? IPANEMA, yes, the Rio magic beach where everything is possible. So that girl from the song really exists, and she is exactly like in the lyrics, just a bit more amazing as a real person: her name is Helô Pinheiro. The work that the Brazilian Aeroplane does is really fun, but rich in research so it will alway focus on bringing more than a good song. Eduardo and Heloisa Pinheiro, the real Girl from Ipanema
Eduardo and Gilberto Gil This is Gilberto Gil, a person that inspired so many artists and generations with the message of always doing good things and with love. No wonder just after a while this photo was made at Pori Jazz Festival in Finland, he became the Brazilian Culture Minister. I wish really things match to meet Gil again when we fly there, this person is a living school to many people.
Everyone interested in arts have heard about Paul Klee or Pablo Picasso. Here we have Milton Nascimento, a person that stands unique to the Brazilian music quite much in the same way. Besides Milton there's also Sanna, who translated "Travessia" into Finnish language, hope one day to release it too with our Brazilian Aeroplane. One cloud at time. Milton Nascimento, Eduardo and Sanna in Helsinki, Finland
Marisa Monte and Eduardo Domingues de Jesus I use to say that "Bossa is the girlfriend of Jazz". This is Marisa Monte, another wonderful diamond from Brazilian music which spreads positive energies all over the place also as a person, not just with fabulous music. Marisa, a bit as Milton Nascimento, brought more and more new shades of colours to the already rich rainbow of Brazilian music. At that day Marisa and I had something very much in common: the lenght of our hair.
Talking about Milton as inspiration power, here we have Marina Machado. Yes, her smile is pure sunshine just like her voice, she was besides Milton singing, and as she did it you could feel that even the birds came to sit in the windows of the theatre to see what was going on. Sanna helped her with a few words in Finnish, the discusssion was about solar power with music as the tool for that.
Badi Assad and Eduardo Domingues de Jesus Badi Assad is another inspiration of mine for producing good music. Her guitar playing inventions are unique and she has the magic talent to bring the entire Brazil via the strings of a guitar. At once. Well, that is Brazil. A country with its history, past of dictatorships, samba, lots of football but always filled with people very commited into love, for life, for each others, for anything. And we are really serious about it.
This is Anna Hanski. She is somewhat responsible for quite a big amount of people falling in love in Finland, specially during the summer, just by hearing her singing. Anna is someone I would love to bring to the Brazilian audience to hear too. I once made a Brazilian version of her song "If you don't call me", who knows one day Nokia would like the idea and we would release it with some nice telephones in it. Anna Hanski and Eduardo Domingues de Jesus


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"Being an optimist is a condition of birth, but music might have something to do with it".

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